following the EPHE Study Grant Agreement N° 20111209

Epode for the Promotion of Health Equity

Health equity is the absence of systematic differences in health and its determinants between groups of people at different levels of social advantage.

WE, Involved in childhood obesity prevention in 20 European countries: politicians, community-based programme coordinators, leading experts, representatives from public health institutions, civil society, corporate sectors, local associations and NGOs.

Declare that Community-Based Programmes are an essential part of a long-term sustainable solution to prevent obesity and to promote active healthier lifestyles. They also have positive effects on environment, economics and enhance social cohesion.

Declare that the Community-Based model is able to increase health equity at the local level and have a positive impact on the population health especially for the low socio economic groups

Declare that we need successful initiatives to be encouraged by the communities at the local, regional and national levels

WE Act to encourage communities to integrate a multi-stakeholder approach in their local health politics and appoint in every city a local project manager to coordinate this community based approach

WE Act to integrate health equity in all policies especially at local level.

WE Agree that no single solution creates significant impact to increase health equity only a comprehensive systemic programme of multiple interventions is likely to be effective.

WE Call on representatives from all sectors to become involved, to achieve a sustainable, effective and equitable obesity prevention, to support CPBs and to join the global obesity prevention movement that is beginning here and now.

WE CAN reduce Children Obesity Prevalence and Health Inequities.

Brussels, September 25th 2015