EPHE Questionnaire

Find here the questionnaire in 7 languages that was developed to conduct the pilot-life study

A self-reported questionnaire was developed, addressed to the parents.
The questionnaire assessed information relevant to

  1. the family’s socio-economic status and the household’s food security level
  2. the child’s energy-balance related behaviours and associated environmental determinants
  3. the parental perception of a healthy body for a child

The EPHE parental questionnaire was developed using items from existing relevant, validated questionnaires. Items derived from validated questionnaires of large European socio-economic surveys were chosen to define the socio-economic status. For the assessment of the energy-balance related behaviours and their environmental determinants, items from the ENERGY parent and child questionnaires, the PRO-CHILDREN child questionnaire and its updated version PRO-GREENS were used. These tools have been translated and validated in 7 languages.

Download the Questionnaires