Country: France
City: Flandre Lys
Programma: EPODE

Caroline Bournez


The importance of the EPHE project by Bruno Ficheux

An introduction by Caroline Bournez

A local celebrity joining the movement

Up and close with the action

And what do the kids think?

An enthusiastic parent testifies

The role of social marketing by Frédéric Hodent

The Epode-programme (Ensemble Prévenons l’Obésité des Enfants – Together let’s prevent childhood obesity) is a national dispositive aiming to prevent childhood obesity through the promotion of healthy nutrition and regular physical activity. Flandre Lys was the first community to enter in the Epode-programme in France in 2005 and it still follows the 3 pillars of the programme: long-term approach, concrete action with the implication of local networks and recognizable action, open to the whole community.

Epode preconizes a gentle, non-stigmatizing approach, adapted at everyday life and its restrictions. Everyone is encouraged to change their life at their own pace and best practices are shared.

Flandre-Lys supports community members, schools and associations who would like to submit a project in favor of a balanced diet and/or physical activity.


Journée Vitalité – Vitality Day

Physical activity at the heart of the party!


A day to mobilize the entire family around the programme, by proposing a number of physical activities and sports activities as well as workshops for children around prevention.

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  • CPAM
  • Local Administration

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