Country: Greece
City: Maroussi
Programme: Paideiatrofi

Helena Stamou

Poly Zeniou, leading the animation

Up and close with the action

An enthusiastic parent testifies

An introduction by Eleni Giannakopoulou

The importance of the EPHE project by Mayor George Patoulis

The aim of the Paideiatrofi-programme is specific and clear: the education of the population towards a healthy and balanced diet to reduce the childhood obesity rates in Greece. It helps children and their whole family to change their lifestyle in a radical and sustainable way.

Most decisions regarding nutrition (purchase of food, frequency and quality of meals etc.) and exercise (movement methods) are made within the family. However, the municipality is the center where the majority of daily activities are developed and where the family gets in touch with a variety of social entities such as education (schools etc.), work, health, transportation, physical activity (sports clubs). It is therefore essential to take action at local level and in cooperation with all the local stakeholders related to children and their families.

Paideiatrofi is a community-based intervention programme prompting a lifestyle change. Both collectively and individually, citizens are informed of the obesity issue, whilst not stigmatizing overweight persons. Paideiatrofi uses a positive, concrete and step-by-step apprenticeship of nutritional balance & physical activity. It is a long-term programme, embedded in the reality of daily life and taking environment and other constraints into account: time available, time spent at home, budget and product availability. The messages of the program are based on scientific recommendations (national recommendations, scientific & medical associations…).

Paideiatrofi is currently active in 9 cities in Greece.


Festival of physical activity

Animations around the theme energy balance.

Central square, Maroussi
Families with children 5-12 years old

In Greece, the Paideiatrofi team organised a real festival to celebrate the end of the EPHE activities. With facepainting, traditional dancing and workshops, they helped children understand the concept of energy balance and the importance of regular physical activity. Watch the video to learn more.

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